31 August 2008

felt like.. an exhibition

he felt exhibition like something different is on at the mo featuring five creative Cantabrians, one of whom is me, along with fellow crafters Pink Paper Pinafore, Walter Lodgeman, Papillion and Naomi Smith. Our posters even made it on to bus shelters around Christchurch thanks to Our City, along with the little pink guy from Craft 2.0.

25 August 2008

Crafty goodness..

The inaugral Christchurch Craft 2.0 on Sat 23rd August went down a treat, wit
h people queing out the door and down Worcester Blvd at 11am for their free goody bags! It was an impressive turn out with around 3000 visitors passing through over the 4 hours, and there were some gorgeous crafts on display.. my only regret was not having enough time to spend some of my hard earned cash!

20 August 2008

Home Aside

Works from Home Aside Exhibition, held at the Quentin Frost Gallery November 07.

My favourite from the show, Matrimonial Dispute, made an appearance in the Art Beat section of the Press. The show also coincided with Art Trek.

19 August 2008

Wild Things

Images from Where The Wild Things Are exhibition at Photo Access 2007. A series of photographic collages I created based on the childrens book by Maurice Sendak.