11 June 2009

Crafty goodness

Well, another Craft 2.0 is done and dusted... it was an amazing day down at Our City last Saturday, with the forecast snow nowhere in sight. As predicted, the keen punters were queued up well before 11am for the free goodie bags for a whole block down the road, and the people kept streaming through all day! A big thanks goes out to everyone who came along on the day, and to my helper Amy for making it possible for me to flit about all day talking to people and taking photos... roll on the next Craft 2.0 in Wellington, July 25th!

So, without further adue, here's a little Craft 2.0 montage from the day...

Mmmm... cupcakes...

The lovely Deidre from Shaky Isles truly upped the anti with her beautifully merchandised display... (top left)

My display on the left... thanks to Lucy and Briar for helping with my new table runner.