13 March 2009

Shiney new business cards!

My new black swan business cards arrived back from print this week.. yay! (spot the graphic designer..) It's funny how after designing for clients you're always itching to do something for yourself, but when it comes down to it self-promotional work can be just as much hard work if not more! (And it doesn't particularly help being a perfectionist..)

The cards are printed on a matt laminate paper stock, which is very tactile and feels lovely to touch. I had my last batch of cards printed on this, and quietly observed people unconsciously running their fingers over the card's smooth finish while we were chatting!

Also pictured, another one of my new photo brooches that will be debuting at Craft 2.0 in Wellington, April 11th.

10 March 2009

Black Swan in World Sweet World!

Nothing beats the little buzz of unexpectedly seeing your creations out and about, which was what happened when I spotted the latest issue of World Sweet World magazine in Whitcolls; "Hey, there's my little birdie!"
One of my new photo brooches is also featured in the felt double spread ad, 1st page in.. thanks Lucy!

04 March 2009

New goodies for Craft 2.0!

Here's a little sneak peak of some of the new designs I'm busy working on at the moment, in preparation for Craft 2.0 in Welly..