19 September 2008


An art editorial appeared in todays Press for Unnatural Selection.. I quite like this name in print business!

Legerdemain (my new favourite word) noun

1 stage magicians practicing legerdemain sleight of hand, conjuring, magic, wizardry; formal prestidigitation; rare thaumaturgy.

2 a piece of management legerdemain trickery, cunning, artfulness, craftiness, chicanery, skulduggery, deceit, deception, artifice.

17 September 2008

On Some Other Country

I've been patiently waiting for this to arrive in the post for a few months now, and the day of Exhibition opening it finally turned up.. hooray! I'm now looking forward to some time to sit down and read it..

07 September 2008

Unnatural Selection

The countdown is on.. Unnatural Selection opens Tuesday 16th September at the L'Estrange Gallery, Sumner, Christchurch and runs through until Sunday 12th October. Guess I'd better get those last couple of works done!..

Planet Jim

Men are traditionally hard to buy for, and as another Fathers Day rolled around I racked my brain on what to get Dad.. the good old bottle o' rum is never an unwelcomed gift, but I can't help but try to out do myself each year with something original that will appeal to his sense of humour. I had the fortune to be shown yet another neat little Photoshop trick but days before, and as I was finally enjoying some weekend procrasinatory computing, a smaller metaphorical version of the big bang theory occured in my head, and I transformed a sunset at Haast into Dad's very own little planet.