12 November 2008

Making pretty things..

It's been a few weeks now since my last post, but I do have an excellent excuse in that I've been busy making pretty things to hopefully bring pleasure to many this festive season. In other words, I've been spending hours sitting on the floor assembling little bits of wood and acrylic, and gluing brooch backs.
I've just filled my first order with new stockist The Vault Design Store, in Chch, Welly and Auckland, and have finished my new range of brooches for Cherry Blossom, which were very well received by the owner Katherine, who isn't putting them out in the shop until she's decided upon and picked out her favourite!

My new Japanese inspired brooch designs (6 in total) available now at Cherry Blossom.. kawaii!

My recommendation to all is to get that Christmas shopping done soon, while the shops are still relatively quiet. Or even better do your shopping online
(stopping in first at felt of course) and avoid the chaos all together!
I used to work as a visual merchandiser and have seen first hand what the 'festive' spirit can do to people's demeanor. I think anyone who has spent a Christmas in retail will understand where I'm coming from, and will also be shopping early like me!

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Anonymous said...

Mel! Those brooches are SOOO gorgeous. I can't wait to get one. x