19 December 2008

Lupins and Murphy

I finally managed to get away for a day trip down to Tekapo this week, to snap some photos while the lupins were still out in force. The weather in the area was typically unpredictable, and changed its mind on several occasions throughout the course of the day, and although Murphy was having a field day (Murphy's Law) I did manage to outsmart him on one occasion, snapping a rainbow mere seconds before it dissipated. Although the overall score for the day was well in his favour, I was still quite happy with these 4 new panos to add to my collection.

Seconds after finding this little tin shed it started to absolutely pour down, reminding me of rule #2 in caring for your digital camera – "do not get wet"

Murphy 0 – Mel 1
(truth be known, Murphy actually had a few on me by this stage..)

One of my favourite spots, atop Mt John in Tekapo

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